This offer has ended.


Lock in a low rate for high debt!

Transfer your credit card debt to the Sb1 Visa and pay it off faster.

Save on your high credit card payments with a low 1.99% promotional APR* through 12/31/15 for all new balance transfers made from 1/1/15 through 3/31/15.


Transfer higher-rate balances on your credit cards, store cards, and gas card to your Sb1 VISA card TODAY and save.


APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Sb1 Federal Credit Union does not charge a balance transfer fee. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process your balance transfer. Minimum Balance transfer for this offer is $500. Each balance transfer will reduce your available line of credit. You will see a payment for the amount transferred on this statement of your other account.  Transfers of balances may be subject to your credit availability on the day Sb1 processes your transfer (s). If a portion of a requested Balance Transfer will exceed your available credit limit, we may elect to process a partial Balance Transfer up to your available credit limit.  We will generally transfer as much as possible, however we reserve the right to decline to process any full or partial Balance Transfer. If multiple Balance Transfers requests are made, we will treat each Balance Transfer as a separate request, in any order we select.  Balance transfers do not accrue rewards. Taking advantage of this offer precludes you from any other Sb1 Balancer transfer offer in the year that you took advantage of it.

To be eligible for this offer, your Sb1 Federal Credit Union (Sb1FCU) account must be current.  If you miss 2 payments in a row, your interest rate will revert to your standard APR. This offer is not valid for Balance Transfers to pay off or pay down any existing Sb1 FCU loan or credit line or any other Sb1 FCU obligation.  This offer is excluded on the Sb1 Visa Secured card.  The promotional rate only applies to Balance Transfers made under this offer, and does not apply to any existing balances on your account.  Balance Transfer requests returned to and received by Sb1FCU cannot be cancelled. Do not transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or charge because you may lose your dispute rights.  Sb1FCU will mail a check for your approved Balance Transfer amount to the lender (s) you specify.  Until your Balance transfers are processed, you will need to make payments to your other credit card accounts to keep them current.  Sb1FCU shall have no liability for not transferring any balance that exceeds your credit limit or if you are pas t due on any Sb1 FCU accounts.  In addition, Sb1FCU is not liable or responsible for any late fees, finance charges, disputed amounts, or other fees by the other lender. Sb1FCU will not close your other accounts; please contact that financial institution directlyPayment allocation information can be found in your Cardholder Agreement. 

For further details about terms or conditions on your account, please refer to your Cardholder Agreement.